The Legion D&BC


The Legion D&BC brings the tradition of youth drum & bugle corps back into local communities, with support from the same veterans organizations that founded this unique and popular art form more than 100 years ago.
Modern drum corps has evolved into a multimillion dollar enterprise, performing highly produced spectacles of face-peeling sound and amazing precision. Nationwide competitive tours cover more than 10,000 miles each summer in fleets of motorcoaches, semi rigs and support vehicles. Each corps travels with up to 150 members and an entourage of more than 30 professional staff and volunteers, stopping at stadiums around the country to compete for points, prize money and drum corps history.

The Phantom Regiment


Our goal at the Legion is to bring the excitement and musical excellence of modern drum & bugle corps back into the community, where it all began. We aim to incorporate the best of both worlds, the old and the new, with a first-rate staff and top of the line equipment, combined with a year-round program to develop young musicians while entertaining our friends, neighbors and drum corps fans right here at home, in our community.

The Legion offers opportunities for local performance, music education and recreation for young men and women age 14-21. We perform standing concerts at community events, parks, holiday celebrations and parades.  Members receive individual and sectional instruction specific to their instrument.  Brass players improve range, flexibility, endurance and tone. Percussionists improve control, precision and form.  Trombone players receive separate instruction to transition to valves with ease.



The Legion has partnered with the Seattle Cascades Drum & Bugle Corps, the only DCI World Class corps in the Northwest.  DCI member corps attract and produce some of the most dedicated young musicians in the world.  The Cascades rehearse up to 12 hours per day in June to prepare for their nationwide tour each summer.  The purpose of our partnership with the Cascades is to develop young musicians, promote the art of drum corps at the community level and to increase recognition of the national activity.  The Legion is an affordable and local alternative to the $3,000+ summer fees to join a corps on the  touring circuit.


Community Service Opportunity

Students with a community service obligation for school can satisfy their requirement through membership in the Legion D&BC, which is recognized as community service in support of the American Legion's Congressional charter.